• A Culture of Pluralism is key to Sustainable Peace and Social Cohesion

  • Executive Director of WACCE, Mutaru Mumuni Muqthar, has called on society to build on the values of pluralism, tolerance and citizenship as central to sustainable peace and social cohesion. Speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana Show, Muqthar expressed the concern that our uncompromising views on religion, politics and culture has a tendency to further set a people apart and threaten the viability of our nation-state. The survival of the nation-state is dependent on the idea that the citizens irrespective of their religious, political, ethnic and other cultural differences, can still rally around common values and ideals central to the common peace and development of their nation.

    Building and maintaining peace in a neighbourhood surrounded by turbulence like West Africa requires building a sustainable generation of peace lovers who are committed to the ideals of pluralism, tolerance and citizenship. He indicated that WACCE’s Peace Network serves as a platform for young people to engage in leadership and peace initiatives aimed at deepening the values of pluralism, social cohesion and resilience against violence and called on all stakeholders not to take the peace and stability of the nation for granted.