• Guinea Bissau

The Republic of Guinea Bissau is a West African nation with a population of about 1.9 million people. A former Portuguese colony, the country has experienced political instability for most of its post colonial existence. Guinea-Bissau is a member of the United Nations, the African Union, Economic Community of West African States, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, La Francophonie, Community of Portuguese Language Countries and South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone.

Security Summary

Guinea Bissau is a centre of sustained drug trafficking and organized crime. There is grave concern over challenges posed by organized crime and other crimes including drug trafficking and violent extremism. The reality of poverty, inequality, corruption and political violence present fertile environment for terrorism.  The impunity associated with the trafficking of drugs have lead some analysts to classify Guinea-Bissau as a narco-state. This is worsened by the fact that the army of Guinea-Bissau is highly ethnicized with majority being Balanta. Dozens of youth are believed to have been radicalized and recruited by terrorist groups. In its recent history, Guinea-Bissau has recorded scores of youth succumbing to terrorist ideals with four youths being detained after receiving terrorist training in Mali.

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