• Lana Brezak, Research Associate

  • Lana Brezak is a security and foreign affairs researcher, with a deep interest in transnational organised crime, terrorism, radicalisation, religious extremism and especially US foreign policies and military interventions in the Middle East and Africa.

    Before joining WACCE Lana worked as a researcher and coordinator for various civil society organisations on projects concerning human rights, migration, modern slavery, human trafficking, organised crime and terrorism.

    Her dissertation titled “From propaganda to smart power in contemporary combat: case of Iraq 2003”, where she analysed how propaganda and public diplomacy tools were used to frame the issues in support of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. More specifically the work indicated how contemporary military and political tendencies that stem from the end of the Cold War have shaped and drastically changed geopolitical arena in the last three decades.

    Lana holds a MA in Terrorism, Organised Crime and Global Security with Distinction from Coventry University, United Kingdom and a BA in Sociology from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Also a member of the Chartered Management Institute, Lana  received certification in Professional Consulting for Strategic Management and Leadership.