• Ms. Yesira A. Alolo, Research Associate

  • Ms. Yesira Alolo is a development professional with an outstanding proficiency in development policy advisory and security research. Her core expertise and interests cut across various areas including international development, the African development agenda and the impact of aid on developing countries as well as security and gender. With a strong passion for development, she has been very critical about the superfluity of aid as the sole economic remedy in developing countries. Without necessarily and completely dismissing the good in aid, her approach to development is rooted in economic development tools and approaches that recognize and utilize homegrown resources and capabilities.

    Ms. Alolo has more than 7 years of engagement in the development and not-for-profit sector having worked with various local and international organizations including Oxfam UK, the Institute of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Ghana, Olam Europe Ltd, London-UK as well as Canada World Youth Exchange. With a refined understanding of the nexus between gender and violent extremism, she has been very instrumental in driving WACCE’s research programme relating to gender and violent extremism.

    Ms. Alolo has a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Development Studies from London School of Economics (LSE) after a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Ghana.