• Projects

  • Social Resilience Project – Ghana

    WACCE is currently working on a survey on the vulnerability of the Ghanaian population to radicalization. This research seeks not only to gauge the magnitude of the threat but also to determine the level of resilience of the local population against radicalization and terrorism.


    WACCE Peace Network

    The goal of the WACCE Peace Network is to help create a sustainable culture of peace anchored on the values of tolerance, cultural diversity and a pluralistic society through a series of activities such as seminars, debating and essay writing competitions, sports, community service and art.

    These activities are intended to contribute to educating a new generation of peace builders as key agents for sustainable peace throughout the West Africa region. As a regular part of their activities, they focus their activities that engender:

    • Pluralism, Cultural Diversity and Social Inclusion
    • Citizenship and Civic Education
    • Democracy, Rule of Law and Democratic Participation
    • Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence
    • Leadership and Public Speaking
    • Drivers and sources of violent extremism and radicalization
    • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution