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A disproportionately larger part of our work focuses and targets the local community. Whilst the protection of national security infrastructure is vital for the survival of nation-states, we evaluate security and counter-terrorism measures on the basis of protection of individuals and the local community rather than the number of terrorists killed or apprehended.

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WACCE: Staff analysing the threat to West Africa

Our approach is informed by our conception of the threat. This is because security policies and measures are modelled as a function of threat perception, so that if threats are perceived to be emanating from for example internal sources, it will inform and inevitably lead security officials to focus on the local population as a target for security measures. On the other hand if threats are perceived to be coming from external sources it can lead to a focus on borders for security measures. Our focus on precision and timeliness of measures require and demand that, we continuously assess the threat in order to gauge the most appropriate approach.

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