Security is a rapidly evolving area. For instance, the traditional view of a terror campaign being targeted at government installations and locations has changed. It is now acknowledged that it is the public which is often the terrorists’ target with the intention to cause large-scale fear and panic in order to elicit response from the State or international actors. Whilst it is a complex threat, our understanding of terrorism can help us prepare and to effectively counter, save lives and preserve vital infrastructure in the event of an attack. If gauged well, effective programs and adequate preparations can help build sustainable social resilience and shield societies against terrorism in the local environment in the future.

Our training programs are designed to give participants an enhanced understanding of terrorism, its history, as well as the factors that drive people to resort to terrorist violence. The uniqueness of the course is not only in its focus on understanding the underpinnings of terrorism but on how to build deterrence systems, spot potential attacks and or respond to potential attacks.

With our unique understanding of the threat, we are tooled and best positioned to support both the public and private sectors with strategy and policies aimed at protecting vital infrastructure, deepening peace and social resilience against terrorism.

CVE Training