• Up to 6,000 Africans Who Fought with ISIS in Iraq and Syria Are Returning Home

  • Up to 6,000 Africans who fought with ISIS in Syria and Iraq are returning home, Executive Director of WACCE, Mumuni Muqthar, has revealed. He was speaking in an interview with a local Ghanaian TV station on the threat of terrorism in West Africa. He warned that the return of these fighters, many of them having played prominent roles on the battlefield poses an immediate and serious threat to our national security. Muqthar charged that a situation requires direct and specific intervention of both State and non-state actors. In a region that is already an epicenter for radicalization and terrorist recruitment, these fighters return with the skill and incendiary capacity to not only carry out deadly assault but also radicalize and recruit others to set up a legion of fighters to stage terrorist attacks in new locations to avenge for the demise of the so-called caliphate.

    What is required now is for our governments and security agencies to adopt an alert-posture whilst intensifying inter-agency coordination and intelligence sharing among our various countries in the region. He called on governments to set up de-radicalization centres focused on prevention, integration and promotion of citizenship.

    He indicated that a combination of religious, political, economic and social factors are responsible for this current precarious security situation in the region. ”This problem can best be summarised as a result of citizens who have lost faith in the State. A long term sustainable solution therefore is to undertake initiatives and programs that are aimed at restoring our youth’s faith in our countries”.

    December 11, 2017