In the last three years, WACCE has succeeded in working with the local community to dissuade more than 22 individuals from sliding into the void of Radicalization and Violent Extremism. Our local community outreach program has been instrumental in deepening understanding around issues of radicalization and violent extremism in the local population. As a result, some have reached out to us to report suspicious activities and elements, whilst others have contacted us directly regarding their own situation.

In 2016, WACCE through its local counter radicalization program, worked hard to stop a young man, 21, from joining ISIS just a day before he was scheduled to depart to Syria. There remains dozens of individuals in similar conditions across the region.

Our forums, community engagements, seminars and conferences serve as a platform to share knowledge and information regarding how to best deal with the increasingly complex threat. We continue to work with State and non-state agencies regarding research and intelligence sharing.

WACCE Team with Minister for Ghana’s Minister for The Interior.

WACCE Peace Ambassador, Ms Yaro Ruka, delivering her speech at the inauguration of WACCE Peace Network in Tamale.